Authentic Video Magic 2019


Build your audience through authentic, impactful videos

3 month programme


Video is an amazing tool to really connect with people, build your authority and develop a dedicated following.

But despite its potential it's easy to avoid because it feels too complicated or perhaps you just don't know where to start.

That needn't be the case.

If you’d like to make 2019 the year you get your message out there with compelling, authentic videos, join me and a small group for this 12 week intensive as we:

  • Get your video skills up to scratch so you look and sound like a pro even when filming from your own home with the most basic of technology
  • Connect with what your audience really wants and get your message out there in the simplest, most accessible way
  • Develop your confidence and let your ‘true self’ shine on camera to create genuinely authentic, engaging videos.



Join me and a maximum of just 6 others over the course of 12 weeks as we create and share the video content that you've always wanted to share. Get regular, personal attention from me and the group in this intimate mastermind as I share everything I have learnt from my last 12 years in professional video production.

This will be a safe, supportive space to experiment and start sharing and publishing the videos that you’d love to share – but haven’t had the technical know-how or confidence to share them.

Throughout the programme you will be guided step by step and there will plenty of opportunities to film yourself, edit, and try things out – so that by the end you WILL be sharing high quality video content.

What the course includes:

  • Fortnightly group calls to support you as you get your videos made and published
  • Weekly Facebook Lives, videos and exercises to get you creating and sharing professional, engaging videos
  • Private Facebook group to share your content and get feedback
  • Access to the 'How to make professional looking videos from home with zero budget' online video course
  • Intimate group of a maximum of 7 people - so there will be plenty of time to get personal feedback and coaching



Jo Munday is a Communication Coach and Video Producer who helps individuals and businesses uncover their most impactful, authentic messages and find the confidence to share them in an engaging, truthful way. From a background in radio, tv and video production, she is now a certified 'Clarity' coach and is passionate about helping people express themselves in a natural, authentic way.


Join me... start creating video content you can be genuinely proud of.


NB As this is the first time I am launching this course I am offering it for the lowest price it will ever be! And I want to personally guarantee that if you’re not getting leads through the videos you create I will give you a full refund.

To have a film professionally made by me and my team is normally a minimum of £2,500. But I’ve designed this format so you have the power to create professional quality content on an on-going basis at a fraction of the investment.




Feb 25th - May 19th 2019