Jo’s work has helped raise thousands of pounds for Prostate Cancer UK. She is a gifted storyteller who is able to get to the heart of a subject and evoke powerful emotions while handling difficult topics with sensitive and honest treatments. Jo has led on and produced a wide variety of films for us, from health information films to fundraising events promos to national campaigns starring household names. The range in tone, from fun and energetic to sensitive and serious, while always leaving a lasting impact on the viewer, shows her skill as a film maker who puts passion and integrity into everything she does.

Jo Munday is one of the people I most love listening to when she shares her wisdom with people. She has a stillness and presence that captivates your attention. On the occasions where she's spoken on the Clarity Coach Training (she is a Clarity Coach and Trainer), the room went so quiet you could hear a pin drop.

Jo brought that same quality of presence and connection to the project of making a video about the Clarity Life Transformation Retreat we do each year with Jan and Chip Chipman, as well as for the creation of the ‘Clarity Feeling’ animation. She has perfectly captured what I’m trying to convey, and what matters to me. Thank you Jo.

Katherine Diwa

Retreat Participant

It took me traveling to a completely unfamiliar place, sharing a retreat with my workmates and an amazing coach to realize what I already have and learn how to appreciate it.

Learning how to deal with my insecure thoughts and the people around me is the most valuable thing I got from the retreat. What impressed me the most was the gentle leadership and pure inner joy that radiated from Jo the entire retreat.

I think it was a preparation to prepare me to be strong as my Mom died last month. What I saw from the retreat helped me to cope and move forwards. Thank you Jo for the life changing moments you shared with me.