The ‘Golden Circle’ of Authenticity

By Jo Munday / January 28, 2018 /

The temptation when we’re looking to share on social media is to go straight for the ‘where’, ‘how’ and ‘what’. What social media platform should I use? Where are my audience? What are other people doing? It’s a lot of questions, and a lot of mental noise. And that’s before you’ve even switched on your…

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On the power of speaking the moment

By Jo Munday / November 23, 2017 /

I have just come back from delivering a three day coaching event, my first ever three day event anywhere, in the Philippines. Although the location, people and format were all unfamiliar, I did very little preparation. I prepared one 30 minute exercise, and got together a couple of short audio recordings that I thought might…

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On finding clarity on what really matters

By Jo Munday / October 20, 2017 /

The pivotal moments in my life have always come out of the blue. The time I was threatened with a broken bottle at 3am in Covent Garden. The time I came home from university to discover my Mum had a life threatening cancer. The time I realised I had to leave the flat I thought…

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On finding your authentic ‘thing’ (or things)

By Jo Munday / October 5, 2017 /

Inside each and every one of us is one true authentic swing. Something we were born with. Something that’s ours and ours alone. Something that can’t be taught to you or learned… something that’s got to be remembered. – The Legend of Bagger Vance There’s something about writing or talking about authenticity and being true…

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Fairytale scene - butterflies

The most powerful story of all

By Jo Munday / September 14, 2017 /

I watched the new live action version of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ not once, but twice last week. The original animation came out when I was 10 years old, and the latest version hasn’t changed at all. It struck me as I sat glued to the screen that there’s a reason, other than being a…

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Making the most out of the ‘weaknesses’ in your message

By Jo Munday / September 6, 2017 /

Sometimes we perceive a weakness in our message and feel that it needs to be covered up. Perhaps you have a spiritual message to share, but don’t want it to be ‘too spiritual’. I know a lot of coaches who would like to talk about the deeper truths of who we are but are scared…

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What do you need to LEAVE OUT in your message?

By Jo Munday / August 30, 2017 /

Having spent time as a video editor I know full well the importance of what you leave out in your communications as much as what you leave in. When clients have asked me to make a video, the natural temptation and habit is for them to ask me, ‘Ooh and can you include this, and…

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Is it necessary to mention the ‘3 Principles’ in your marketing/ communications?

By Jo Munday / August 16, 2017 /

And, for that matter, is it necessary to mention the 3 Principles in your teaching? In my previous article I talked about finding that point where your marketing and the content of your work is seamless and complimentary. You might have experienced this already, with a blog post / FB post/ conversation that really hits…

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Spark of inspiration

Building a Conscious & Commercial Brand (Part 2)

By Jo Munday / August 8, 2017 /

  (NB read Part 1 first) This blog post could also be called ‘Finding what resonates’. That is, finding a message that resonates with you AND your audience so that you are filled with inspiration to write, to share, to do whatever it takes to get your business off the ground. On a recent coaching…

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Building a Conscious & Commercial Brand (Part 1)

By Jo Munday / July 31, 2017 /

In my ‘Building a Conscious and Commercial Brand’ webinar (which you can get a recording of using the form on the right), I talk about the book ‘Making Friends with Anxiety’. I absolutely love this book title because it hits that perfect spot of being conscious and commercial, that is sharing a ‘conscious’ (or some…

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