Do you have a powerful message to share but struggle to articulate it in a way that your audience ‘get’?

Would you like to use videos of yourself to build your audience and reach more people, but you're not sure where to start with the messaging or technical know-how - or perhaps you just feel a bit too nervous to hit that record button.

Video is an amazing tool to build connections and long term business relationships with your audience - but many people see it as more confusing and complicated than it needs to be.

It can also be tricky to see your simplest, most ‘you’ message. Sometimes we’re too close to our own strengths to be able to see them, let alone articulate them.

And that’s why it’s useful to have support to delve into what would work for your audience, so that together we can find that clarity and vision of what you’d love to share, and what your audience would resonate with.

I offer one-to-one coaching as well as group programmes to demystify the video production process and develop your authentic voice and message so you can create engaging, authentic videos to build your authority online.

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