How to Make Professional Looking Videos From Home (with Zero Budget)

How to Make Professional Looking Videos from Home (with Zero Budget)

Online Video Course


Would you love to create professional looking videos of yourself for Facebook, Youtube and beyond?

There are some key things that a professional videographer automatically does every time they’re setting up a shot, that are key to making a video look professional. And the good news is they can easily be replicated at home - without needing any expensive, complicated equipment.

In this course I share some of the principles of video production that are the same whether you’re making a Hollywood blockbuster or a selfie video at home.

You will learn how to:

  • Know where in your house is best to film and what to do to get you and your surroundings looking their best
  • Stop worrying about the tech and use some VERY simple methods to record yourself
  • Connect with your audience and get your message out there in the most impactful, accessible way

See the clip below for an example of what I cover in the course:

I take you through examples from my own home as well as the process of selection I go through when working with clients to get the best looking, and sounding, footage that we can.

The course has a range of modules including:

  • How to compose your shot for the most flattering lighting and background
  • How to get the best sound quality even if you don't have a specialist microphone
  • Ways to frame your shot to ensure you look credible and have authority
  • Connecting with your audience in an authentic way to create memorable content and build long term relationships
  • Telling your story and getting your message across in a simple, powerful way
  • A range of real life examples with clients to put the theory into practice
  • And lots more!



Jo Munday is a Communication Coach and Video Producer who helps individuals and businesses uncover their most impactful, authentic messages and find the confidence to share them in an engaging, truthful way. From a background in radio and tv production, she has been working in online video since it first emerged in 2006. As well as empowering others to make their own impactful content, Jo's video content across the charity and corporate sectors has had millions of views and raised thousands of pounds for charity.


Join me... start creating video content you can be genuinely proud of.


NB  To have a film professionally made by me and my team is normally a minimum of £2,500. But I’ve designed this format so you have the power to create professional quality content on an on-going basis at a fraction of the investment.


How to Make Professional Looking Videos from Home